Thursday, July 31, 2008

the building that cried "FIRE!"

admittedly it is a new building. and admittedly there is a LOT of construction still going on. but the whole false fire alarm is getting out of hand. to top it off they have decided that it isn't safe for us to wait around and see if they tell us it is a false alarm and have to evacuate just in case. SWELL!!! so today we were halfway down the stairs (from our 8th floor office) when they announced it was a false alarm. does that count as my exercise for the day?!?!?

and in an update from nose and throat have become a full blown cold. but, I was able to get the lost memory card images back. whew! but sadly, LM is still down. one out of two isn't bad I suppose! lol!


~ Melissa said...

No LM???! How about some LM Tag?? I won't even harass you about anything! Except to say maybe I should do some fire alarms in my house for some exercise, too!!
Tag! You're it!

Cecilie said...

Oh! Good about the memory card but not good about the cold (you know I know how it is...) and definately not good about LM being down.

Vickie said...

I'm glad about the memory card, but bummer about the cold! I'm still dealing with congestion too, but at least my achiness is gone now. Summer colds... no fun. LOL... yep, running up and down stairs for a false fire alarm definitely counts as exercise in my book!

Mandi Miller said...

Awesome news on the memory card. I LM is killing me! :)See ya there SOON!

Hatter J said...

Hmmm....with LM down that should give you the chance to get some BED REST and get rid of that cold.

Glad that you got your pics back!

Kerri said...

Hi Susan! I'm waving from Florida!

Thanks for your help with my little problem awhile back! ;)