Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eileen and some caching up to do.....

(and yes....I know that "caching" isn't pronounced the way it needs to be to really make that title work. but I don't care..... and don't bug me about it! lol!)

so here is the story........ when I got to CHA, Lindsay and his beautiful wife picked me up at the airport. about halfway back to the Convention Center Lindsay told me that his GPS unit is called Eileen. so he can sing "Come On Eileen" when he is waiting for it to tell him something. at this point, he started to sing the song.

then.......3 days later when I arrive back home and turn on the radio in my car guess what song comes on?!?!? of course......."Come On Eileen"!!

so when the psych-out moment on Psych last week was them singing "Come On Eileen" dh got a little worried with my hysterical laughing.

other than starting to feel a tad paranoid about Eileen......we did our first geocaching this weekend. we found 5 out of the 6 caches we set out to find. the 6th one I am thinking has been moved or stolen........ we found where it should be based on coordinates and clues and it wasn't there. oh well!! otherwise we had a great time. I think it will be a fun activity we can do as a family once in awhile. and thankfully the weather was GORGEOUS!!! (it is icky rainy today)


silver horde said...

So what's your secret Geocaching ID then?
Fun hobby!!

Moriah Bettencourt said...

Of course I could Google it but instead I'll ask something I always wondered... what is in those geocaching things? Is it full of M&M's and then you refill it for the next person? If not... you may want to start a trend, think of how happy you would be to find a box of M&M's in the woods!

Hatter J said...

Cool that you do the geochaching. I just read an article about that in one of my teacher mags.

One of the science classes in the area is doing it.