Wednesday, February 13, 2008

12 of 12.....CHA CHA CHA style!

I truly expected to have an AMAZING 12 of 12 to show you.....full of exciting sneak peeks from the Craft and Hobby Association show......but it didn't quite happen that way! atleast you can go check them out at LM!

this first shot is what it looked like out my hotel window. well.....KINDA.....add a layer of smog and it would be a closer image! lol!!

this is me with my friends the Shore Thing penguins at the Imaginesce booth. this picture isn't very good. I debated cheating and posting the photo of me with them that a friend took earlier in the show...I just don't get why people don't think that I would actually want the full penguins in the shot! (I'll probably post the other one truly was cute!) oh....and you can see a little sneak of the apron I made myself out of the new Cosmo Cricket fabric!!

aaaah.....home sweet home! lol!! this is the Cosmo Cricket booth. see all those people.....yes that is what it was like for most of the event. in fact, this was actually rather empty compared to most of the time. it was kinda weird.....we would get 5 to 10 minutes of downtime and then get slammed again.

if you are a scrapbooker you might recognize this lady's pretty face! if not, open up the March CK and check out her layouts on pages 66 & 67! we had lunch and hung out together a bit on Sunday and Tuesday. I love that I get to see my internet friends at the show!

after lunch I came back to the booth. shortly thereafter in walks Lisa D, Noni (Donna.....but they call her Noni and I am hoping that now I can too!), and Moriah. I was so happy that they had stopped by and so excited to finally meet Moriah that I spaced on taking a photo with them! what a bad scrapbooker I am! needless to say we had a lovely conversation about scrapbooking and the vital importance of black t-shirts!

if you haven't checked out Cosmo Cricket's really should!! this button is all about Jon the Warehouse Guy. starting back on January 11th he started trying to give sneak peeks for all the new Cosmo Cricket stuff. the posts were an awesome success!! he wasn't actually at CHA on Tuesday (which is why there is a photo of the button instead of him) but he was there on Sunday. I cracked up as women ran up to him to say hello and have their photo taken with him!

no one will ever be able to say that Cosmo Cricket doesn't know how to have fun! remember those 5 to 10 minute lulls between the crowds?!?! well......during this one Lindsay cranked up the music and started dancing with his wife! the reason he looks so odd in this photo......yeah......he is singing along! (btw.....he dances MUCH better than he sings! lol!!) oooh...... and check out the background. see those really big images on the walls?!?!? those are the die cuts for Get Happy and Cogsmo enlarged. they are big ol' magnets! LOVE THEM!!! wish they would make them for sale!

sadly.....I needed to head home Tuesday night. Lindsay was supposed to give me a ride but ended up having a dinner meeting with a I had to get alternate transportation. this late in the game I was stuck with the option of a TownCar or a taxi. I haven't taken a taxi since the dude tried to kill us in Atlanta so when the concierge at the hotel told me it would only be $5 more for a TownCar I went for it. what a comfy ride!! and my driver was really nice and we chatted scrapbooking all the way to the airport. MUCH better than praying for my life the entire trip!

ANOTHER MISSED PHOTO OPPORTUNITY....though not as exciting as the previous one.
when I got to the airport and through security, I walked to my gate and passed the gift store. they had a nice big sign for a Webkinz sale! a chance look scored me a retired Gorilla! so I bought 2 more Webkinz to hide away in my stash.

when I got to my gate I thought it might be cool to take a picture of the flight info. why....I am not sure! probably because I knew I was going to be tight on photos.

when I landed in Sacto I got off the plane and saw this WONDERFULLY TERRIFIC SIGN for the Sacto Zoo. I think the penguins have gone back to the San Francisco Zoo.....but this is the first time I had seen this sign at the I had to take a picture of it to go along with my other penguin photo from earlier.

THIS is the best photo! I actually can't believe I have never taken a photo of it before. our family usually flies Southwest and therefore we walk up and down this river path often. the boys always take their carry-on roller bags and walk along the crooked river path. and it is matter how grumpy other people seem to be and no matter what kind of rush they seem to be in......people usually smile and watch the boys do this. probably not so much now that they are older. it looked much cuter when they were younger! but still....I tend to follow the river myself! (R is sitting next to me while I proof read this and even without reading what I wrote said, "the river path. I always walk down it." lol!)

usually one of the first photos of the is my odometer. it is 10:30ish at night and I am in the airport parking garage trying to warm up my car a bit. looks like I need an oil change!

I came home and walked in to the kitchen to see this. R was sick while I was gone and I guess J decided we needed the FAMILY PACK of Halls! oh well.....they don't go bad and he said he got a really good price!
so that was my exciting day at CHA. maybe I should have taken a picture of my feet?? I was wearing my favorite funky green Champion shoes. oh so very comfortable! even 4:30 I was ready to plop down on the carpet and cry because my feet hurt so much.

tomorrow I will try to post the other random shots I got at CHA.


Cecilie said...

I like to see your take on CHA ;o) Peeks are fun but these pics are even more fun and wow: you got TWO penguins shot in one 12 of 12.

Scooter said...

What a FUN day. I'm glad you shared it with us. :)

Elaine said...

The funky green champions would have been a cool bonus shot! ;)

Tracey O said...

Hey, someone looks familiar!!! :) And, girl, I didn't know that you knew Lisa and Moriah! We used to crop together in CA!!! Great bunch of women!!! Thanks for hanging w/ me - you rock!

Hatter J said...

The penguin shot is cool...Looks like you had fun!