Sunday, November 27, 2011

Some stuff you might win! (Giveaway)

I didn't know what to call this. It isn't like I have some humongous crazy prize I am giving away.....but I DO have an accumulation of miscellaneous fun things (I think) that I have been given/won/collected/whatever throughout the past year that I thought it would be nice to share with someone else.

Here is what you can win:
 ....and, I have the right to add more stuff to the box! I promise no kids or pets.

How can you win?
post a comment below. that is it! well, post it before December 4th. (and obey caveat #1 below) if you win, be prepared to give me your address when I announce the winner December 5th so I can get the package out to you asap. yes, I will only have 1 winner. some of the prizes seemed silly to pass along individually.

I have 2 small caveats:
  1. you have to give something in this merry mix-up of stuff to someone else. please tell me in your comment which item you would give away, to who, and why you would give them that particular item. (I don't need specific name, addy, etc....."little ol lady next door because she still talks about her honeymoon to Hawaii" is perfectly acceptable)
  2. if you do NOT live in the greater Sacramento area OR will not be visiting prior to December 31, 2011, I will exclude the Chick-Fil-A coupons from the package and figure out another way to pass those on. if you don't live locally but have a suggestion for what I do with the coupons, I'd love to hear it! ditto for the Tillamook cheese. while I think their cheese SHOULD be available everywhere, it just might not be. I can still send you the car if you want! lol!
you can enter once......and so can everyone else. I'd love to give everyone presents, but Santa would get jealous!


sandyh50 said...

Hi Susan! I just came over from the Fiskateer blog. I would give the WEbkinz stuff to my granddaughter. I don't need the chick fila coupon. Thanks for the chance!

sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com

Jean said...

What a collection of goodies! Here from Fiskateer blog too. I would share goodies with an online friend of mine who is starting a new job tomorrow and is a bit stressed.

Jean said...

I forgot to add - I am not near CA so don't need Chik Fil A. I would suggest passing them to someone who could use the help.

Kelly Sas said...

I think your collection of goodies is fun! I wish so bad with had a Chick filla or however it is spelled! I ate at one many years ago while in CA. I would like to share the webkins with my grandson. He lives 8 hours away and it would be fun to send to him.


dolphyngyrl said...

Unless my daughter wrestled me to the floor for it (likely), I'd give the Webkinz stuff to my oldest niece. Because Christmas is coming, yo.

Lisa M. said...

I have to one thing to say about Chick Fil-A milkshakes: Peppermint Chip! I used to love Shamrock Shakes but they do not hold even a match to these. Do yourself a favor, get a small one (270 cal.; call it lunch) It's full of crushed candy cane and a bit of chocolate chips which seem to sink to the bottom and clog your straw somewhat but not unpleasantly. This is not mint chip, people. This is MUCH MUCH better. I will have to ration myself to one (two?) per holiday season. Mmmm. I will gladly stay away from all those other "seasonal" milkshakes which don't contain ICE CREAM, much less real flavors. AND they are many more calories. Can you tell I am seriously infatuated? So, my point (and I do have one) is don't belittle those coupons. Depending on the distance, could be worth a road trip!

Lisa M. said...

This is very cool stuff, Susan. There should be a way for each of us to pass along what we don't need and add to it our own "extras" somehow. I guess I just want to hold a contest without bothering to have a blog! I would NOT be passing along the R & I DVDs though. I keep having to re-explain to DH, who keeps asking who they are, that he doesn't know who they are because he GOES TO BED AT 10. Sigh.

Angela Massey said...

Oh how I wish I had any Chick-fil-a nearby!

What a great idea, Susan. And, what a great collection of "stuff and goodies." I'd live to win! It would likely be my only Christmas box to open this year. We bought a TV and I bought a new coat, so there went the cash!!!!

I would give the pink light to my mom. She's a breast cancer survivor. I just found out she hasn't had a check in five years - I'm so mad!

Donna B. said...

Great blog Susan! I would give the B&BW lotion to my coworker so she'll quit using all mine, LOL!

Donna Hendon said...

Hi Sus,

I would give the Webkinz stuff to an online friend who does the Webkinz thing. I would give all the things away except the scissors and the bath and body works stuff. Lots of these things aren't available in my area but I know several people I could make happy by sharing. :)

Angela Massey said...

Oh, two more things. First, I have to share this. In the beginning, my DH could never remember the name of R & I, so he'd mispronounce it. He probably did it more to get me to laugh. Anyway, now we just call it Fazolli's. Silly, I know, but hope it brings a smile to your face.

And, second, when I put my URL earlier, I entered it without my middle initial, so it should read I hope the Angela Massey without the d doesn't get any messages! LOL

Crystal said...

Oooh...just came over from the Fiskateer boards and would love to win some stuff :) The Webkinz stuff would definitely go to my kids.

Kate said...

Hey Susan! Love the blog! You had me at Chick Fil A giveaway :) Anyway if you're interested in hosting any more giveaways I have a couple of opportunities I definitely think your readers could be interested in! If interested, shoot me an email at! Happy holidays!