Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's talk turkey....turkey DAY that is!

So.....what are your plans for Thanksgiving? Sleeping in and then heading out to enjoy some turkey and stuffing with family members? Maybe some crazy pre-Black Friday shopping? 

Back to dinner, let me start with grace and end with 1 pie per person? Along the way you cruise through 2 kinds of cranberry sauce and enough mashed potatoes to pull a Richard Dreyfus.

For many families in our area, this isn't the case. For many families, Thanksgiving is a Thursday like any other Thursday: one when they go to bed hungry. But I know you know that. And if you are the way I know you are, you do what you can to help. You donate money to your favorite charities, and extras around the holidays. How the heck can I dare harass you about this? 

I'm not........I want to tell you how to feel GOOD! How to make your Thanksgiving THAT MUCH BETTER! How to START your day of giving thanks REALLY feeling thankful!

The Rat Brothers bright and early Thanksgiving morning              

Consider starting your morning with a cool 10K or 5K. Might I suggest the Sacramento Food Bank's 18th Annual Run to Feed the Hungry? A wonderful CRAZY event starting at 8:30 or 9am (depending on your race length). Let me tell you, no run ANYWHERE gives you a better feeling! You can some fun exercise in the cool morning air and leave knowing your entry fee will go to feed local families through the Sacramento Food Bank

And hey, before you say "oh, but I need to go get ready to feed my family" or "how the heck can you expect me to get up that early?" Let me tell get to sleep in later than you will for Black Friday......and you'll be done and home by 11. That is plenty of time! I guarantee it! How can I? Well, because this will be me and my family's 4th year at the run! And we don't run....oh, NO!! We show up BEFORE the runners, help set up, and register same day runners! And, yes, there are plenty of runners who are done and gone before us. is SO worth it! Never has a turkey tasted so good as one eaten after knowing you helped other families have a good meal the same day. So, consider this your invitation! Come join us for the start of the best Thanksgiving you will ever have!

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scrapper al said...

It's a small world. I found out that one of my cousins did that run this year.