Friday, May 9, 2008

think of 2008 as the year of opportunity....

I have a layout in mind showing the front door of my previous employer. I am going to use the quote "when God closes a door he opens a window" and talk about my old job and how hard it was to deal with the office closing and everyone being laid off. I figure I can have an accompanying page titled something like "hello window" about my fortune in finding a good job so quickly. (not really QUICKLY but in a whole lot less time that I thought it would take)

add to that the timing made it so I was able to take the boys up to see my mom, nana, and stepdad during Spring Break.

add to that my being able to go see the Gin Blossoms in concert in Reno.

add to that the fact that next week I will start getting paychecks from the new job and will still be receiving a little severance from the old job. we have plans to use that money to pay down some debt and trade a gas guzzler for a nice hybrid so that we can start saving more money.

add to that the fact that now I am taking public transportation to work. it is definately an interesting experience but I am saving a couple $$ every day and helping make less pollution. my new employer will also let me do pre-tax withholding for my transportation I will be making less taxes for myself at the same time! lol!

add to that the fact that J's employer has started a nifty new health plan. they will pay our gym membership as long as we go 3 times a week. sounds pretty simple except that I am getting home a lot later with my new job than with my old job. but I figure if I go Sat and Sun and 1 night during the week it will be a lot better than I am doing now. the company they have partnered with is putting in a new club about 1 mile from our house. no excuses!!! I just hope they have a yoga class on Weds at 7pm. life would be pretty darn close to perfect then!

oh yes.....and about that gym......from what I can see from their website, R will be able to use the facilities too. most places say they have to be 13, but it looks like this place goes down to 12. which is good because R really needs to work on some physical fitness!

so......while things looked rather seems that 2008 might be a darn good year afterall! now if I can just get back into scrapbooking! lol!


zanna said...
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zanna said...

Funny, that you brought up that Gin Blossoms show in Reno...I just posted a montage of video from that show.

zanna said...

sorry...must be sleepy...forgot the photos which are nicer :)

scrapper al said...

Glad that 2008 is turning out to be the year of opportunity for you.

Angie said...

How wonderful that 2008 is shaping up for you! Best of luck!!!

Hatter J said...

Hoorah for you!!!

I joined a gym too, but I have to pay for it myself. It is within walking distance though, and tomorrow I will be giving that a shot.

Congrats again on the job, I hope that your new window affords a nice view.

Alannah J said...

Congrats on the new job! It sounds like you're settling in nicely. I wish my DH could find one as quickly!!! :)