Monday, November 19, 2007

the writer's strike.....then & now.....

then would be 1988. the time of the last writers' strike. I remember it like it was yesterday......if I had total amnesia! honestly......I don't remember a darn thing about it. didn't know it happened. didn't notice shows disappear....though how can anyone miss all the reality tv that has been credited to being born during the strike.

now would be 2007 and the current tv writers' strike. talk about hitting close to home. R asks almost daily how many weeks before there is no tv. this is the kid who would gladly watch a rerun 10 times. but he is sitting there almost in tears at the end of Ugly Betty or Pushing Daisies wondering how much longer until they are gone. reminding him that he survived the summer hiatus does little to console him. he is like the walking dead.

and for myself.....yeah, I am paying more attention. the Grey's Anatomy writers haven't updated their blog after the past few shows. it wasn't a requirement but a really fun read. they blog as well as they write the series. but almost more so......a break with room for a few reruns wouldn't upset me too much......afterall we did miss a few of the early episodes of Reaper and Women's Murder Club. and I could always use a little more free time during the Christmas season. I more vested because there is better tv on now? because I am more tired at the end of the day and want to veg and watch it instead of pshing through my massive homework load from college?!?!? who knows! my most memorable tv experience from the late 80s was watching a football game with J (while doing homework) and making a correct statement about a player's position. truly remarkable! lol!!

but at the end of it all.....give me a freakin' break!! how can you NOT think that the writers aren't being cheated if they don't get paid when we watch their shows online?!?! aren't you getting paid for those ads running along side them and in between scenes?? heck, I can't even fast forward through them like I can on my Tivo! and what about when you actually make us PAY to download them from iTunes???? I realize with an unknown future no one wants to give away the farm (or residual)......... but I have read lots of legal documents. why not include renegotiation clauses or something if you are feeling worried about a particular situation?

sheesh! give me back my tv!!!


JoE said...

I empathisize with your post, even though I don't completely agree with it. I was concerned a bit about the writer's strike, but then while watching the Macy's parade and seeing the rehash of bad movies gone Broadway, it occured to me that they really need to improve on their part before the industry gives them a "raise."

I CAN live without TV, in fact I do pay for stuff on iTunes just for the convenience factor, but in those instances, it is just the odd documentary. I'm not really addicted to any regular network TV, so this doesn't affect me much. I just look upon it as an opportunity to do something a little bit better for myself (NO, that is not a slam against you or yours at all....)

Kerri said...

i will greatly miss The Office!!!! :-(